• System Description

    The raised access floor system shall consist of 600mm x 600mm x 35mm modular steel cement panels/cementitious panels/cement filled panels as manufactured by RFT. The panels should be interchangeable with other panels except where cut for specific purposes.

    The floor is to be supported by a steel understructure consisting of an adjustable pedestal assembly with a finished floor height measured from the slab to finished top of the panel.

  • Quality Assurance

    The manufacturing of the raised access floor components shall be under the stringent ISO quality management system. All structural access floor components shall be supplied by one manufacturer to ensure compatibility with ISO and maintain the standards.

    Method for testing concentrated, ultimate and rolling loads of access floor panels shall be in accordance with international standards and procedures such as CISCA and shall be performed by an independent testing laboratory.

    Installation of the raised access floor shall be approved by the general contractor, before other trades are involved to maintain the integrity of the installed floor system. Traffic shall not be permitted on any floor area for at least 48 hours allowing for the pedestal adhesive to set.

  • Submitals

    The successful sub-contractor must submit the following documentation within six months after adjudication of the tender or by negotiation.

    From the approved testing laboratory, showing compliance with the requirements of the load performance table or specified design loads.

    Data sheets
    Systems and components data sheets fully describing and specifying the performance of components and the overall system.

  • Site Conditions

    Storage and sub-floor
    General contractor shall provide a dry, secure storage and clean sub-floor which is free of dust, construction debris, and items from other trades during the installation of the access floor.

    Materials shall be delivered in original, unopened packages clearly labelled with the manufacturer's name and item description. Material packages shall be distributed around the area where they will be used to avoid overstressing the sub-floor and to facilitate installation .

    Site conditions
    The building shall be enclosed and the temperature shall be maintained between 10ºC and 30ºC and max. 75 % R.H.